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This is perhaps the best thing since sliced bread in my mind …

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New Report in the DataWarehouse.  This report is a simplified data wall that services ALL grades.  Included in the report is the following:

  • Student Name
  • Student Picture
  • Grade
  • Demographics (ED, LEP, SWD, Ethn, Gender)
  • TVAAS Projection (border color) for 2013-2014 TCAP/EOC

The roster can be isolated by teacher, course, and assessment subject.

  • K-2:  Obviously no projections but still demographics/picture
  • 3:  TVAAS Projections for 2013-14 3rd grade TCAP based on 2nd grade SAT10  (NEW-We’ve never had this data before)
  • 4-12:  TVAAS Projections for 2013-14 TCAP/EOC based on prior years’ assessment data


These ‘cards’ can also be used to create your very own customized data wall by cutting/pasting the cards to an index card or something of your choosing (great for those of you who are trying to develop a data wall for K-2 using DIBELS, RR, etc.).

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