State Law Now Includes SWD in Value Add Calculation

On March 27, 2013, Tennessee State Law was amended to now allow the inclusion of students with disabilities in all value added calculations.  This law was signed into effect by the Governor on April 11, 2013.

The last sentence of Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 49-1-606(a) which has been deleted by Public Chapter No. 105 says:

Records from any student who is eligible for special education services under federal law will not be used as part of the value added assessment.

This means:

  • Students with an IEP (taking any version of the TCAP) will now be included in school-wide value added calculations.
  • Students with an IEP should be linked appropriately during the Teacher Student Connection (TSC) process in order to calculate teacher effect.
    • Exceptional Education Teachers can now receive value add data so long as there are a minimum of six (6) students linked to them.
    • Regular Education and Exceptional Education teachers should be linked to the students proportionally depending on the amount of instruction each provides.

Public Chapter 0105 > This is a copy of the signed bill.

TSC_Memo_for_SPED_Building_TCs > This is the memo available through EdTools concerning TSC.

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