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The Scorecard was developed as part of the Nashville-Davidson County District-Charter Collaboration Compact with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

This online, public tool allows anyone with internet access to gather State-level achievement data for any Metro school.  The user has the opportunity to select the school(s) of interest (including District wide) and immediately see the following information for each:

  • Demographics (as a percent of the total school population)
  • Composition (e.g. FRL, SWD, EL, and LEP as a percentage of the total population)
  • Achievement (percent of students scoring proficient or advanced)
    • Elementary and Middle – Math & RLA (3 years)
    • High School – Algebra I & English II (2 years)
  • Mean Gains (TVAAS)
  • College Readiness (percent of students scoring a composite of 21+ on the ACT) – HS Only
  • Graduation Rate – HS Only

All of the information reported is currently accessible through the State of TN’s Report Card but the Nashville Public Schools Scorecard provides a unique opportunity to directly compare results in a completely transparent manner.

The Scorecard provides parents with the opportunity to make informed decisions around School Choice options.  School personnel are then able to find similar school populations that may be excelling in an area of needed improvement, thus supporting networking within the district.

Click the logo above to visit the Nashville Public Schools Scorecard.

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