Proposed Legislative Changes to TEAM

[This information came via email on 2/21/2013 from the TN DOE. The web version of the email is accessible here.]

Last summer the department created a report to the General Assembly describing the first year of teacher evaluation implementation and the changes we would be making for this year based on the feedback of thousands of educators across the state. A couple of those changes require legislative action and have now been proposed during the current legislative session:

  • Reducing the weight of growth for teachers using school-wide or system-wide growth scores
    The legislation proposes to reduce the weight of school-wide and system-wide growth scores from 35 percent of a teacher’s evaluation to 25 percent. Teachers who receive individual growth scores would continue to have their growth scores count for 35 percent of their evaluations. Observations would count for 10 percent more for teachers using school-wide or system-wide.
  • Including special education students in individual growth scores 
    Currently there is a law prohibiting the inclusion of special education students in the calculation of individual growth scores. We believe that all students deserve a high quality education and all students count. The academic growth of special education students is very similar to the academic growth of general education students. The data bears this out, showing that in over 97 percent of cases, the inclusion of special education students would not change a teacher’s TVAAS score, and in the remaining cases the inclusion of special education students would increase the TVAAS score of the same number of teachers who would see a decrease in their score.

Read more about these proposed changes here

We’d like to hear from you, both regarding the proposed legislative changes as well as your experience with evaluation this year. Please email with questions or concerns.

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