John Hattie’s 7 Mind Frames of Learning

John Hattie writes about the 7 Mind Frames of Learning in his book Visible Learning for Teachers (2012).

If you don’t have the book, I would suggest getting it.  Until then, you can read a great summary published on the Education Week blog by clicking here.

Very generally speaking, the 7 Mind Frames are (though I encourage you to read the full article):

  1. Teachers/leaders believe that their fundamental task is to evaluate the effect of their teaching on students’ learning and achievement (Know thy Impact)
  2. Teachers/leaders believe that success and failure in student learning is about what they, as teachers or leaders, did or did not do. We are change agents! (e.g., Growth vs. fixed: High expectations for all)
  3. Teachers/leaders need to talk more about the learning than the teaching (Focus on learning)
  4. Teachers/leaders see assessment as feedback about their impact (Assessment for Teaching)
  5. Teachers/leaders engage in dialogue not monologue (Listening to student voice)
  6. Teachers/leaders enjoy the challenge and never retreat to “doing my best” (Challenge vs. Do your best)
  7. Teachers/leaders believe it is their role to develop positive relationships in classrooms/staffrooms to then allow errors to thrive (Errors are welcomed/ Trust in class)

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