DWH Updates + New EL Report

There are a few DWH updates that I want to communicate so I am going to do so in a  single post.

  • DWH Home > Assessment (folder) > Assessment by Teacher Updated
    • This report has been updated to include Text Level Assessments in the assessment drop-down.
  • DWH Home > Assessment (folder) > ELDA Two Year Comparison Updated

    • This report now includes an overall growth value that is separate from the Composite.  The calculation/indicator looks specifically at the sub-tests of Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing and compares the sum of each year represented.
  • DWH Home > Assessment (folder) > ELL Proficiency by Primary Language NEW

    • This report communicates Language Proficiency (most recent TELPA or ELDA) by the primary home language.

As always, let me know how I can help.

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