Confidence Based Marking & DEA

If you are familiar with the Visible Learning research of John Hattie, you are probably aware that the number one influence on student achievement is “self report grades / student expectations.”  The gist of this is that the student knows what he knows and knows what he doesn’t know and even takes ownership of his own learning.

Along those same lines we have “confidence based marking” (CBM) which requires a student to not only answer the problem/question but to also indicate the degree of confidence or surety they have around the answer chosen.  You can read more about CBM here:

A couple of us Data Coaches have merged the ideas with DEA.  Available below are answer sheets for the 2nd DEA in math, RLA, and Science for grades 3 and 4 as well as a student analysis sheet.  The idea is that while the students are taking the assessment online, they mark their answers on the sheet along with how they “feel” about their response.  Hopefully it will create pause for the student and require them to think through their answer choice more closely.  The teacher can then provide the students with the correct answers which begins the anlaysis process.  The student would indicate if they made a simple mistake which can easily be corrected with more focus or they simply do not get the concept.  This information along with their stated surety, can be powerful when having data chats and student conversations.

There is also a document that allows the student to categorize their strengths and weaknesses according to the level of error and knowledge while also identifying the areas they need to work more in.

The documents are linked below.  I would love to know what you think.