2014 TVAAS Will NOT Include 3rd Grade Value Add Calculations

As you are aware, because of the administration of the SAT10 assessment during the 2012-13 school year, the ability to obtain growth calculations for current 3rd grade students exists.  The impact of these calculations could mean that school-wide TVAAS calculations would be comprised of 3rd and 4th grade value add data and that 3rd grade teachers would be provided an individual growth score.

In a recent TEAM update, the State DOE has indicated that in systems where it has been decided to opt-out of SAT10 testing, value add calculations based on 3rd grade students would not be included in the TEAM Evaluation component measures (achievement and growth).  It is unclear if the growth calculations for 3rd graders will be accessible for reflection at the end of the year.

The language in the TEAM update is pasted below:

K-2 Assessment Opt-out Implications for 2013-14 TVAAS K2

“If your district has opted out of using K-2 assessment during the 2013-14 school year, then K-2 value-added measures will not be available for 2013-14 reporting. Furthermore, third grade value-added reports for districts, schools or teachers will not include any K-2 assessment data from prior years and therefore, will not be reported. The Department will review any potential implications of excluding prior year K-2 assessment data and will communicate any additional details in the coming weeks.”

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