2014 TCAP Cut Scores ***UPDATE***

I received a lot of questions about the cut-scores that the State has published and that I provided a link to on yesterday.

The total number of items shown on the cut-score table WILL NOT match the actual number of items tested for most grades and content areas.  This discrepancy is normal and expected.  With most assessments, there are items that are being “field tested”.  In other words, the testing company is gathering data about a question through the use of student responses in order to determine its validity and to create future assessments and scales.

Please note, a student’s response to any of the field test items WILL NOT impact their score or proficiency level.  Likewise, these items will have no bearing on a teacher’s effect score calculation or TVAAS gains for the school.

Unfortunately, we will never know which items are being field tested.

The actual verbiage from the State is:

Please note that the item totals shown on these documents include only the operational items. (Field test items are not included since they are not scored.)

This text can be found at the primary landing page linked here:  http://www.tn.gov/education/assessment/ach_prof_level.shtml

You will also find cut-scores by reporting category on the same page.

I apologize for any confusion and for not including this information in the original post.