2014-15 State Assessments & Standards

As you are probably aware, the TN General Assembly recently voted to delay the PARCC Assessment for 2014-15.  This means that students in grades 3+ will continue taking the TCAP Achievement and EOC tests next year.  Also, the State will begin an RFP process seeking competitive bids for assessments in 2015-16 (and beyond) so it is possible that TN will never administer the PARCC assessment.

The general Assembly did not approve the measure to roll back the implementation of the CCSS so as of now, we have an additional year of instruction based on the CCSS with assessment/accountability based on the TN SPIs.

Lots of decisions remain for next year such as:

  • Will there be additional SPIs dropped in ELA and/or Math?
  • How does this affect the MAAS assessment for 2014-15?
  • Does this have any impact on a previous decision to not assess Social Studies at the State level in 2014-15?
  • How does this impact DEA and/or the current MNPS budget already sent to the Mayor?

You can read the “Educator Update” email sent today by clicking here.  You can also read an email from Commissioner Huffman to State Superintendents by scrolling down.


From: “Kevin S. Huffman” <Kevin.S.Huffman@tn.gov>
Date: April 17, 2014 at 12:06:43 PM CDT
To: “suptonly@lists.k12tn.net” <suptonly@lists.k12tn.net>
Subject: Common Core and PARCC


As I am sure you are aware, the General Assembly passed a bill with significant revisions to our plans for common core assessments. In particular:

  • We will give TCAP and EOCs for reading, writing and math in grades 3-11 in 2014-15. We will not give PARCC.
  • We will have an RFP process to select assessments for 2015-16 and beyond. This process will be a clean and transparent process, with an open competition to provide assessments beginning that school year.

We will progress with our work implementing the common core state standards in language arts and math. You will hear from Emily Barton early next week with more information about summer training.  Broadly, our plans are to continue with the training offerings, as they are designed to support student success.

The legislative changes do have a ripple effect and impact a number of additional plans, though. As I have shared with some of your colleagues, it will take some time to make all the necessary decisions and communicate them to the field. We will communicate on a regular basis through the CORE offices to keep everyone informed, but we know that a change in assessments – particularly at such a late date – has many implications and we will need to take some time to make all of the appropriate decisions.

I am disappointed, as is the leadership team at TDOE, in this outcome. I think our students are as ready as students anywhere in the country for the assessment transition, and I am concerned that children in other states will have access to more advanced assessments before Tennessee children.

At the same time, I have no doubt that with your leadership, Tennessee can continue to be the fastest improving state in the country. Our goal for students has not changed. Our schools and children need your leadership now more than ever, and I look forward to talking in the coming weeks and months about how to ensure that the 2014-15 school year is a great one. If you have questions about next steps, please feel free to reach out to CORE directors, or to Dr. Airhart or me.


Kevin Huffman

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